E3D v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm with Bowden Addon

E3D v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm with Bowden Addon

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Origin: United KingdomEuropean Union
Part Number: 01900106.0
Subcategory: Hotends
Filament-Diameter: 1.75mm
Extruder: Bowden
Voltage: 12v
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E3D-V6 Hotend, smaller, easier, higher performance

The E3D judgment was redesigned from the ground up. E3D has a lot of time and experience invested for this product Prints the widest panel of materials. With this in mind, it is possible to print flexible filaments in excellent print quality.
With the supplied thermistor you can reach up to 300 degrees. This judgment is heated in 20 seconds from 20 degrees to 200 degrees. The temperature can be adjusted and held down to 0.5 degrees. The new E3D V6 Hotend is smaller than its predecessors. The total length is only 62mm The new Thermistor cartridge can be easily attached with a small screw. There is no need for tape, kapton, fiberglass wire or other mounting tape. By thermal separation, there is much better control over the filament flow. Our range of different nozzle sizes gives you much more possibilities. By default you get a 0.4 mm nozzle. With this nozzle you can achieve great prints with a good speed. You can find in our shop various suitable nozzles. The nozzles can changed easily thanks to the hexagonal shape.

What`s in the box
• 1 x aluminum heat sink
• 1 x Stainless Steel Heatbreak
• 1 x Brass nozzle 0,4 mm
• 1 x aluminum heating block for thermistor cartridge
• 1 x Thermistor cartridge
• 1 x Silicone Socks
• 1 x 12V 40W heating cartridge
• 1 x 12V 30x30x10mm cooling fan
• 1 x Fan Duct
• All require screws

The Bowden version has the following additional parts • 1x 800mm of appropriately sized PTFE tubing
• 1 x Screw in Coupler for extruder end of tubing

You can find a setup guide here .