Own production of prototypes or samples

With a 3D printer you will simplify prototype development. With one or more 3D printers you can massively reduce development time. The costs are also a lot cheaper than, for example, casting prototypes. Don't forget that you no longer have to outsource production and that the knowledge remains within your own ranks.


If you are familiar with CAD, you can of course produce toys that you design yourself. There are some freeware CAD programs on the market. Of course, there are already finished STL files on various platforms (these are the ones you need for printing) from other users who are enthusiastic about 3D printing. For example, there are exciting connecting elements from Brio and Duplo. If a part is no longer available or needs to be replaced quickly, it can also be reprinted with a 3D printer.


With a 3D printer you can customize any object without incurring additional costs when printing. Whether you want to print the same thing 1x or 10x, it makes no difference with the 3D printer! Therefore you can produce individually for each object.


New ideas can be tried out and produced independently through the use of 3D printers. You can react quickly to changes and requests.

Produce to order

With the 3D printer you no longer need large warehouses. You can still produce order receipt.


With the 3D printer you can print out your various models quickly, easily and cheaply. Your decision maker can imagine this better than on a plan.

Last minute gifts

You still need something for tomorrow's invitation. Just print out something individual. But be careful when word gets around that you have a 3D printer, everyone wants something from you.

Spare part for the household

If something breaks at home and the replacement part is unfortunately no longer available. You can easily print out a lot of things. The handlebar locks were lost on our kick board. I quickly took the measurements with the caliper. Then it was briefly recorded in CAD. The finished STL file is sent to the 3D printer. Now all kick boards have different fasteners and every child knows which one is theirs.

3D-Print is movable

Thanks to the layered structure, entire assemblies can be printed at once. It is possible to print fully functional objects that are movable.

3D printing is lightweight and perfect for model making

In 3D printing you can decide what the filling should be. It is possible to print something with just 10% infill. This also makes the object very light.

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