Glass NEXTREMA® for heating bed 400mm x 300mm Handelsware

Glass NEXTREMA® for heating bed 400mm x 300mm

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NEXTREMA®: Overview of unique properties

  • Strong at high temperatures: temperature resistance up to 950 ° C depending on the type; heat-resistant glass ceramic made to measure: ideal for the high temperature range
  • Excellent temperature shock resistance: Resistant to temperature shocks depending on the type up to 820 ° C
  • Linear thermal expansion / coefficient of thermal expansion close to zero
  • Chemical resistance: special glass resistant to acids, bases and corrosion in accordance with DIN 12116, ISO 695 and DIN ISO 719
  • Mechanically resilient: high intrinsic mechanical strength of up to 165 MPa - no thermal prestressing required
  • Process-inert: No undesired interactions in terms of the properties mentioned between glass ceramic and the environment in demanding processes
  • fire and ice? This glass ceramic doesn't shock anything. Temperature shock resistance up to 820 ° C.

  • Hole pattern:
    387mm x 287mm Thickness:
    Item no. 01000623.400
    Barcode 01000623.400
    Manufacturer Handelsware
    Stock 6 pcs
    Wavelength 4mm
    Compatible Printers EVO380