Filament PLA GF Nature 1.75mm

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Properties of PLA GF from the plastic family PLA

The glass fiber reinforced PLA filament has high-impact resistance and good printability. It is more wear-resistant than normal PLA and is therefore suitable e.g. for temporary functional parts such as gears. You need a hardened nozzle, and if possible, you should also replace the filament drive wheels in the extruder with hardened ones.



Printing temperature mm/s190 - 230°C
Printing speed40 - 100 mm/s
Temperature Printbed45 - 60°C
Level of difficultydifficult
Specific weight1.31g/cm3
Heat resistance temperature56°C
Possible nozzleshardened Steel, ruby
Adhesion typesDimafix, EasyFix III
Special propertiesfiber containing, Impact resistant


ArticleFilamentPackagingSpool diameterinner diameterSpool widthPrice
01122016.1-111kgCarton Spool20 cm5.3 cm6.85 cmCHF 30.45
Item no. M01122016.1-11
Barcode M01122016.1-11
Manufacturer eSUN
Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic type PLA GF
Color Transparent
Special properties fiber containing, Impact resistant
Level of difficulty difficult
Country of origin China
Filament Packaging Carton Spool
Plastic family PLA