Filament HTPLA Heartthrob Metallic Red 1.75mm
Proto Plant

Filament HTPLA Heartthrob Metallic Red 1.75mm

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Filament Bronze-filled Metal HTPLA 1.75mm 500g CHF 55.21 Available immediately
1500g CHF 133.41 Available immediately

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Properties of HTPLA Metall from the plastic family PLA

Brass, Bronze, and Copper HTPLA print like plastic but finish like real metal for beautiful, durable parts from most
standard 3D printers.

How to anneal:

Tempering objects made with HTPLA is not difficult, but needs to be done properly for best results.

Scale Values ​​(x/y-axis) 101.5%
Scale Values ​​(z-axis) 99%

1. Preheat the oven to 95–110 degrees.

2. When the oven is preheated, place your printed object in the oven.
We recommend placing the object on a flat aluminum sheet or similar.
Set a 10-minute timer


Printing temperature mm/s190 - 200°C
Printing speed20 - 30 mm/s
Temperature Printbed40 - 60°C
Level of difficultymedium
Specific weight2.3g/cm3
Heat resistance temperature155°C
Possible nozzlescopper, hardened Steel, ruby
Adhesion types3DLac Adhesion spray, PrintaFix, Spring steel plate PEI
Special propertiesMetalliferous

Hardened nozzle of at least 0.50mm diameter is recommended


ArticleFilamentPackagingSpool diameterinner diameterSpool widthPrice
01198011.150-31.5kgCarton Spool20 cm5.2 cm6.7 cmCHF 133.41
Item no. M01198011.050-3
Barcode M01198011.050-3
Manufacturer Proto Plant
Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic type HTPLA Metall
Color Gold, Brown
Special properties Metalliferous
Level of difficulty medium
Surface Normal
Country of origin America
Filament Packaging Carton Spool
Plastic family PLA


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