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A DIY 3D printer with professional results.

Tronxy X5SA is a DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D Printer.

We have set a new design, where, among other things, profiles of OpenBuilds are installed. So you can easily extend the 3D printer with OpenBuilds accessories.

With the large print volume of 330mm x 330mm x 400mm you can print very large objects.

The Tronxy X5SA 3D 3D Printer Complete Kit also has a heating bed. So you can print almost all available Filaments. Like ABS, ABS-X, ASA-X, PETG and many more.

Material and design, the key to stability

The Tronxy X5SA is a very stable 3D printer. The 3D printer is almost completely made of aluminum and has only a few printed parts. The use of aluminum and steel ensures a professional finish and a sturdy structure. The remaining components are combined with black polymethacrylate materials. In addition, the 3D printer is constructed as a cube and offers tremendous stability. The rubber feet absorb the vibrations.

New, highly priced inductive sensor

For a perfect end result, the Hotend must always work with a concrete distance to the bed. Tronxy X5SA is equipped with a new inductive sensor that measures this distance accurately. The sensor consists of an electrical coil that generates a magnetic field. As the bed approaches the field, the sensor recognizes it by a certain distance and notifies the user that the position is correct via a small red LED. This allows a manual leveling of the highest precision. There is also the possibility of automatic leveling: the sensor measures the degree of inclination of the bed and adjusts the movement of the motors to make the pressure perfect even on inclined surfaces.

3, 2, 1 ... and Print!

Our goal is for Tronxy X5SA to be ready for printing in less than 6 hours. The parts have been designed with this objective in mind: maximum reduction in the amount of additional elements and ease of packaging recognition for greater comfort. The result is a 3D printer with an elegant, sleek, and quick and efficient assembly process.


  • Installation space in mm: 330 x 330 x 400mm
  • 3D printer without spool: 710 x 653 x 660 mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Hotend Tronxy Hotend (We recommend our upgrade kit)
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Accuracy: xy Axis: 0.012mm, z-axis 0.004mm
  • resolution: Up to 0.1mm
  • Hotbed: Yes, up to 100 degrees
  • Print Materials: All 3D printing materials such as (ABS, PLA, HIPS, Bendlay, Wood, Laybrick, Nylon, PC, PVA, t-glass, Layfomm, Gellay)
  • 3D printer material: mainly aluminum
  • Tools used: Tools are required, but everything is
  • Display: Yes, 3.5 "touch screen with SD card slot Reel seat: Yes, for a 1kg reel
  • Autonomy: Yes, inductive
  • Power Failure Monitoring: Yes, printing can continue
  • Filament Sensor: Yes, Runout
  • Print speed: 20-150mm / s
Item no. 01020017.5
Barcode 01020017.5
Manufacturer Tronxy
Stock 14 pcs
Compatible Nozzles MK8
Voltage 24v
Country of origin China

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